Simon has been teaching yoga for over 20 years and has developed a unique and personal teaching style, keeping classes diverse, focused and fun. The foundations of Simon's yoga teaching reflect his training and ongoing studies with international teachers in many approaches to yoga, movement and therapy.

Simon first trained as a yoga teacher with Dr Larry Payne at Samata in Los Angeles, in the USA, where he lived for 7 years. After a 14 year career in the music business working as first an artistes agent in London & finally as vice-president of a&r for RCA Records US in New York, Simon went on to study and explore a wide variety of physical, energetic and spiritual practices, including Iyengar yoga, Astanga Vinyasa yoga, Okido yoga and Viniyoga, Chi Kung, The Alexander Technique, Pilates, Macrobiotics, and Chinese Medicine, effectively bringing together the essential elements of these sources of wisdom and healing into his teaching today.

Simon's 'Yin and Yang Yoga' teaching is a balanced and thorough approach to yoga practice, on and off the mat, incorporating techniques that address equally the seen physical body and the unseen energetic, mental, emotional & spiritual facets of our being. He encourages the individual to remain mindfully focused towards internal exploration as a guide to experiencing yoga as it is meant to be practiced - a personal journey toward inner peace, freedom, clarity, balance and integration, and the revealing and nurturing of the True Self - your 'essence'.

Simon is Principal and Founder of The Yoga Academy, one of the UK's leading yoga teacher training schools, and a co-founder and the original Director of Yoga at Triyoga, the UK's most popular yoga studios. Simon runs teacher trainings, weekend residentials, workshops and yoga holidays in the UK and internationally throughout the year. The DVD "Yin and Yang Yoga with Simon Low" by Acacia is available from this website or via Amazon or Yogamatters, and in 2013 Simon will release a Yin Yoga app with Naked Buddha. Simon has been guest writer for "Ask the Experts" in the Observer newspaper, and has been covered in or has contributed to numerous national and local newspaper and magazine articles.

While Simon continues his busy international teaching schedule, he is in the process of writing a book & a new series of DVDs, & continues on his journey toward opening a dedicated yoga & wellness retreat centre ........ watch this space.

About Yin & Yang Yoga

Yang Yoga is a skillfully balanced combination of circular & spiral movement patterns and the stimulation of energy centers, alongside essential alignment within a dynamic asana practice. This approach  promotes safer & more fluid physical movement, and results in a practice that cultivates lasting strength & flexibility, inner & outer awareness, & immense energy. These practices are powerful, graceful, focused & fun.

Yin Yoga focuses on the feminine, lunar, passive, deep, restorative & meditative practices. A combination of postures inspired by Taoist & Restorative yoga, Yin Yoga uses long passive holds to work on the connective tissues of the physical anatomy and on the energy systems of the 'subtle anatomy' resulting in a profound balancing of your 'inner' strength and 'outer' flexibility. The perfect antidote to urban stress and a great balance to a more 'yang' style practice.

"In appropriately balanced combination, the 'whole' is greater than the sum of its two parts, offering the most effective & inclusive approach to yoga that I have ever experienced in over 20 years of teaching & practice. I continue to recognise Yin & Yang Yoga's incredible effectiveness as a modality for health, healing & personal transformation. The feedback that I receive, and the personal progress that I witness within individuals, simply reinforces this heartfelt belief & commitment"

Simon Low


Simon's DVD is available now from Yoga Matters,
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